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My quirky goings-on :)

My quirky goings-on :)
Playing with my new hat

What is the best thing about Winter?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A bizarre driving experience...

I just witnessed something so bizarre that I felt compelled to blog about it.  When I say 'bizarre' I don't mean that I saw something completely out of the ordinary - no pigs were flying - but it was bizarre in the sense that I just didn't understand why it was happening... (you will understand more as I reveal the odd situation now).

So, I have just taken my lovely dog, Oscar, out for a walk at Castle Neroche (a hilly woodland walk - about a 10 minute drive from my house).  It was a brilliant walk albeit very foggy and I came across no-one else whilst ambling along.  On the way back, however,  I had been driving back home along the country lanes for about a minute when it was time to turn right at a junction.  I was waiting for a couple of cars to pass allowing me to turn right and as I was waiting I noticed a very swanky and shiny, black 4x4 vehicle stopped on the road I was about to turn onto.  "I wonder why?" I thought, "maybe the driver has seen a massive lorry coming along the road and is allowing it to pass?"  But I knew this probably wasn't the case as this particular road is extremely bumpy - only the other day I banged my head on the ceiling of my car whilst driving along it - it's more of a roller coaster than a road and no lorry would survive.   

Anyway, so I when I was able I turned right on to the new road surrounded by woodland.  I decided to wait behind the 4x4 for a bit to see if the driver would move if they noticed another car behind it.  But no.  The 4x4 did not budge.   So I pulled out and slowly overtook this stationary 4x4.  As I was passing it I turned my head to look at the driver, see if he/she had stopped because he/she needed some help. However, to my surprise there was no driver in the vehicle.  It had stopped, the engine was still running, the vehicle lights still on, but no-one was in it.  It was not only until I drove level with the bonnet of the 4x4 that I saw what was obviously the driver stood outside on the side of the passenger door wearing a black suit as just stood still facing away from the road...  WHAT ON EARTH???  Yes, HE (emphasis on the fact this driver was of the male species) must have stopped to pee on the side of the road, but if you knew this road I'm talking about he probably chose the most conspicuous place to do it, plus he just stopped his car on the road without even an attempt to pull it over on to the verge so that other car drivers, like myself, could pass it with ease and without suspicion.  You would think being a woodland road it might have been quite a secluded spot for a little urination, but he had stopped right next to a junction on a road that even though it was very much in the countryside it was main enough to have a white dotted line separating the left and right lanes.  WHAT A FOOL!!!  Normally if someone is desperate to pee whilst driving on a road they would a) wait to find somewhere suitable to pull over and stop, b) make sure they couldn't be seen by any members of the public.  I know it's different for men as they don't have to bare all and 'elegantly' squat like us ladies do, but it's still not particularly pleasant for a member of the public to pass by and see some random stranger relieve themselves in clear view. And the wearing of the suit just made the weirdo look even more foolish.  

So, in true Michael McIntrye style I turned my head as I drove passed him and stared at him as if to say "IDIOT!"  

 In the words of that old-school pop group OMC, "how bizarre" !

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lana Del Rey. A beautiful songstress :)

These songs by Lana Del Rey (real name Lizzy Grant) are fantastic.  Only heard of her and her new single 'Video Games' (released on 14th October 2011) this morning on Fearne Cotton's show on Radio 1 where her single (Video Games) is Fearne's record of the week :)  It is fantastic.  And I have now managed to get hold of some of her other songs - they are very catchy with great old American 1920s/30s style videos.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I am doing :D  

Video Games: 

Kinda Outta Luck: 

Friday, 17 June 2011

Musical bliss :)

In my last blog I talked about some of the bigger things that I am looking forward to to cheer me up whilst in the "lowest lows".  I thought I would mention some of the small things that have put a smile on my face... mostly music.  These are tracks that have recently cheered me up  as soon as I hear them :)

-> Brotherswing by Caravan Palace 

An electro swing band who are absolutely extraordinary.  I cannot wait to see them live at Glastonbury in a few days time!  Enjoy this live track and get ready to grooooove (don' you dare hold it in. Just GO FOR IT!)

-> The Bay by Metronomy

This band is from Devon and this video is filmed in Torquay but OH MY GOD they make it look so unbelievably glamourous!  The sea everywhere is turquoise, no hustle and bustle of screaming kids with 99s in their hands, plus there are lots of sexay ladies in skimpy swimwear doing their thang on the Devonshire coastline!  Great song.  Fantastic bassline :)

-> Life is a Flower by Ace of Base

An old song that was on one of my Now CDs (Now 41 possibly?!)  But it came on my itunes the other day when it was on shuffle and instantly put me in a happier mood.  Loving the 90s tuuuunes!

-> Beautiful People by Chris Brown 

I love the steel drum sound near the beginning.  Definitely makes me smile like crazy and makes me want to mooooooooove!

-> Not Coming Home by Cats and Criminals

For some reason I can't upload the YouTube video but have a listen.. contains a fair bit of Jamiroquai-like funk :)  But I first heard of these guys when they were busking in Leicester Square just a few days ago  (June 2011 - for future reference) and they were performing a medley of various covers including The Girls - Calvin Harris, and Kids - MGMT.   For some reason my video of this will work even though the official one of "Not Coming Home" won't ! HOW BIZARRRRRRE!!! Enjoy :)

-> Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

This is definitely my party song of summer.  The tour song (apart from Rihanna's S&M, which played about 4 times in every bar we went to)!

-> The Funeral by Band of Horses

Definitely not as cheery as the rest by I just love the main guitar rift that runs through the song, especially right at the beginning when it is the only thing playing.

I think those song choices will do for now.  After Glasto I will probably have found a whole lot more that I am desperate to share with you all!  

Love xxx

Ups and downs.


I have been away for a while, but have tried to write a couple of blogs since my last one but have never got round to finishing them due to the really difficult last few months I have had since March.  The first and most significant thing that has happened is that my boyfriend who I loved very much decided to break up with me so that he could excel in his last year exams and leaving me feeling like shit and basically getting a lower 2nd class degree when I was well on track to getting a 2:1.  I can't blame him, I blame my emotions and the fact that I stupidly let myself love him so much and become so attached.  "HINDSIGHT IS A WONDERFUL THING", no it isn't.  Hindsight is a bloomin' nuisance. 
My choice to study Latin in my 3rd year was probably the worst thing I could have done as I am pretty certain that that was what pulled my final grade down to a 2:2... But I won't find out for sure until 1st July when we get told what our individual course marks were.  I was producing high 2:1 and 1st class coursework in all of my courses (bar latin) in my final year, so to drop down to a 2:2 is pretty disappointing but I thought that it was an unfortunate possibility due to the months of heartache I have had to battle with and the fact that 3rd year Latin Language and Reading (the latin course' official title) just doesn't agree with me.  

So I am stuck with a 2:2.  Great. Woopdidoo.  Just what I always wanted.  And the guy (henceforth The Heartbreaker) who has ruined my 3rd year of uni has nicked my degree result from right under my feet.  The bitterness comes and goes but right now the result is still very fresh so the bitterness I feel towards him is hopefully understandable and allowed (or so I believe).  

I have had so many supportive messages from friends on FB, and I love you all for your kind words of wisdom and hatred towards the guy who has ruined my life since March.  It is hard to see how things will get better sometimes, and right now I feel that I will never meet anyone who made me feel as in love as The Heartbreaker did.  

But I have things to look forward to :)  And they mostly all include friends and family, the most supportive people I have and the only people I can totally rely on and trust.  (I will never rely on another guy again or even let myself get attached, at least not for a few hundred years as the pain that I am going through now and have been struggling with for the past 4 months is not worth it.  It makes me feel foolish and so utterly naive.  Basically, I am completely alone in the love department and it hurts like hell.) (Sorry for the enormous parenthesis right there!)  As I was saying, there are a few things to look forward over the next couple of months:

1.  Meeting up with some good friends on Sunday in London to have lunch at one of my fave restaurants : LEON.  Absolutely delicious food and fantastic company, then we will hopefully either mooch on to a beer garden or whatever else takes our fancy (the weather is meant to be dry and sunny on Sunday so fingers crossed it remains that way).

2.  GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL!!!! And it will be my first time :)  I am so unbelievably excited.  A proper hedonistic time with two of my girl friends. (Am just praying that I don't bump into The Heartbeaker with whom I booked the tickets last year when we were still together...)  But some incredible bands are playing who I really can't wait to see: Caravan Palace - a French electro swing band that my brother introduced me to.  They will be AMAZING live!  Bombay Bicycle Club, Friendly Fires, Two Door Cinema Club, Metronomy, Fools Gold, Everything Everything, Mumford and Sons, and many others.  Hopefully us girls will be able to make some compromises as to who we want to see.  Caravan Palace and Bombay Bicycle Club are probably my two definites :)

3.  My 22nd Birthday!  On the 10th July I will be leaving my 21s and reaching the doubly terrible twos! Am planning on having a chilled day in Regents Park during the ENTIRE day :)  Pimms and picnic in the park with lots of close friends.  Cannot wait :)  Yes, it would have been nice to share it with the one I love (The Heartbreaker) but that is no longer an option and never will be be an option.  But all the same, I am hoping for a lovely day in the sunny sun sun :D (Please have your hat on for the day Mr Sun... I could do with a really cheery day).

So, I have some lovely things to look forward to and in the mean time lots of incredible friends and family are keeping me strong even though a lot of the time I feel like just crashing on my bed and watching TV series' and films all day.  Bad things come in threes... I have had two so far (broken heart and bad degree result).  What is to come next ? :S  uh oh.

But as someone very wise once said in words similar to these: "to truly appreciate the highest highs you have to experience the lowest lows"....  Hopefully I am experiencing the "lowest lows" right now and things can only get better.... maybe one day reach one of the "highest highs" once more.  

I will keep you posted on the progression of the "lowest lows", but hopefully keep it fairly light-hearted as these blogs may help me become naturally more positive about the horrible situation I am in.  

Love xxx

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

"Be my runaway love"

Having just come out of a 2 year relationship, I have been feeling pretty low (obviously).   I have also begun listening to Radio 2 (although have usually been a Radio 1 fan in the past.. but it lacks the soulful tunes of '2') at night to help me focus on the struggle of writing my dissertation.. and last night as i was listening this gem of a song came on : Alice Gold - Runaway Love.

It is absolutely brilliant - both the melody and the lyrics :)  A 'runaway love' is exactly what i need this summer.. some escapism, spontaneity, and a whirlwind romance.

Alice Gold, thank you!

Be my runaway love
Be my runaway love
Wanna runawaylove with you
I want to run run run away

Have you ever been to Paris in march
Done the Eiffel tower and the arch
These days you can get there by train
Come on let's runaway
We can hire some red bicycles
Ride the path along the canals
Take a trip on a boat down the seine
With champagne and I'll let you pay

Be my runaway love
Be my runaway love
Wanna runawaylove with you
I want to run run run away

Have you ever been to Berlin in June
They say noone gets up til noon
And the streets are lined with cafes
Come on let's runaway

Take me to a restaurant to dine
I will wear a dress so divine
You'll find you can't tear your eyes away
Later on you can tear it off anyway
Be my runaway love
Be my runaway love
Wanna runawaylove with you
I want to run run run away

Don't keep me waiting
For promises coming
The oil on the painting drying
Tears on my face will roll in the rain
And my heart will be aching again

But have you ever been to new York in may
The loveliest month so they say
Up town and central park
Until it gets too dark
And then we can head to a show
There's a little hidden bar there I know
The band are playing tango til two
It takes two and I want to tango with you

Be my runaway love
Be my runaway love
Wanna runawaylove with you
I want to run run run away

Friday, 11 March 2011

Be the change you wish to see.

I took a picture of this banner last July when I was in Westminster and saw it hanging in Parliament Square (during the time when peace protestors were camping out there).

Can't we all relate to the message portrayed here?

For change to happen YOU must make it happen.  Yes, someone may guide you and advise you through parts of your life, but ultimately it is down to you and the effort you make to create "the change you wish to see".

Tesco's are right in saying that 'every little helps'!

And as The Killers say, 'smile like you mean it'.

Go on, i dare you!


Thursday, 10 March 2011

A world without colour...

...would frankly be B.O.R.I.N.G.  I did recently "catch the eye" of a PR agency with a made-up press release about using colour in the world of PR.. I'm glad to say that i successfully "caught their eye" :-)

The days of 'black and white' were over long ago.  Yes, it is often reused to add a vintage feel to photographs, however, we are in an ever-developing world where colour is now (mostly) accepted.

I am talking about the world of colourful people - be it the colour of their skin, or the colour of their personality.

Diversity.  No-one is the same, and we are really only just beginning to accept and appreciate the brilliance of this in the western world.

Of course, there are industries that combine distinction with something that looks exactly the same as everything else.  The Fashion industry does this, and contradicts itself in the process.  I love fashion and have great respect for the industry.  Nevertheless, there are some major flaws in it, which do not translate well onto the Joe and Josephine Bloggs of society.

The aim of a Fashion designer is to create a fresh new range of clothing and outfits that convey a distinct message to the audience.  However, the girls required to model these outstanding controversial clothes are all the same.  Stick thin, flat-chested, glum-looking, with a pretty face.

These models do not stand out and become SUPERmodels.

Those that do are the ones who have something 'quirky' about them.  The Twiggy's, Agyness Deyn's, Naomi Campbell's, Kate Moss's, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's, Miranda Kerr's, and Lara Stone's of the modelling world are only well-known names because they have something different about them.  Something kooky.  Whether it be the colour of their skin; their fresh androgynous look; or their rock 'n' roll lifestyle/boyfriend(s); these girls had/have something DIFFERENT about them, which makes them catch our eye and hold our attention.

If we were able to translate this into the real world - the world in which you and I live (I am a soon-to-be graduated student with a great big overdraft and student loan to start paying back), then we need to make sure that in order for us to catch and hold the attention of our teachers, examiners, future employers, friends, boyfriends/girlfriends, future spouses, then we need to be something EXTRAORDINARY.  Being a nice person, with a pleasant face, and polite manners  will not cut it anymore.  We have to rock the boat.

Take a risk. Be different.

Yes, be yourself, but push yourself to the limits and you may discover that you can be more COLOURFUL than you originally thought.

As "Skittles" aptly put it... 'taste the rainbow'. If you do this your life will be forever changing.