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My quirky goings-on :)

My quirky goings-on :)
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Friday, 17 June 2011

Musical bliss :)

In my last blog I talked about some of the bigger things that I am looking forward to to cheer me up whilst in the "lowest lows".  I thought I would mention some of the small things that have put a smile on my face... mostly music.  These are tracks that have recently cheered me up  as soon as I hear them :)

-> Brotherswing by Caravan Palace 

An electro swing band who are absolutely extraordinary.  I cannot wait to see them live at Glastonbury in a few days time!  Enjoy this live track and get ready to grooooove (don' you dare hold it in. Just GO FOR IT!)

-> The Bay by Metronomy

This band is from Devon and this video is filmed in Torquay but OH MY GOD they make it look so unbelievably glamourous!  The sea everywhere is turquoise, no hustle and bustle of screaming kids with 99s in their hands, plus there are lots of sexay ladies in skimpy swimwear doing their thang on the Devonshire coastline!  Great song.  Fantastic bassline :)

-> Life is a Flower by Ace of Base

An old song that was on one of my Now CDs (Now 41 possibly?!)  But it came on my itunes the other day when it was on shuffle and instantly put me in a happier mood.  Loving the 90s tuuuunes!

-> Beautiful People by Chris Brown 

I love the steel drum sound near the beginning.  Definitely makes me smile like crazy and makes me want to mooooooooove!

-> Not Coming Home by Cats and Criminals

For some reason I can't upload the YouTube video but have a listen.. contains a fair bit of Jamiroquai-like funk :)  But I first heard of these guys when they were busking in Leicester Square just a few days ago  (June 2011 - for future reference) and they were performing a medley of various covers including The Girls - Calvin Harris, and Kids - MGMT.   For some reason my video of this will work even though the official one of "Not Coming Home" won't ! HOW BIZARRRRRRE!!! Enjoy :)

-> Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO

This is definitely my party song of summer.  The tour song (apart from Rihanna's S&M, which played about 4 times in every bar we went to)!

-> The Funeral by Band of Horses

Definitely not as cheery as the rest by I just love the main guitar rift that runs through the song, especially right at the beginning when it is the only thing playing.

I think those song choices will do for now.  After Glasto I will probably have found a whole lot more that I am desperate to share with you all!  

Love xxx

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