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My quirky goings-on :)

My quirky goings-on :)
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Friday, 11 March 2011

Be the change you wish to see.

I took a picture of this banner last July when I was in Westminster and saw it hanging in Parliament Square (during the time when peace protestors were camping out there).

Can't we all relate to the message portrayed here?

For change to happen YOU must make it happen.  Yes, someone may guide you and advise you through parts of your life, but ultimately it is down to you and the effort you make to create "the change you wish to see".

Tesco's are right in saying that 'every little helps'!

And as The Killers say, 'smile like you mean it'.

Go on, i dare you!


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  1. shouldnt it be It's apostrophe? i shun them meself but get very picky when it's others' territoire ;-) cool blog. i look forward to seeing how it develops.